About vocab.deri.ie

What is this site?

RDF Schema vocabularies are the building blocks of the Linked Data web. The vocab.deri.ie server hosts a number of vocabularies that are maintained or used by researchers working at DERI, the Digital Enterprise Research Institute at NUI Galway, Ireland. The site is operated by staff at DERI's Linked Data Research Centre.

Can I get an account? Can I publish my vocabulary here?

Only if you are DERI staff, or if DERI is a partner in your project. But if you have a PHP-enabled web server, then you can set up your own site, using the same software: Neologism.

I'm from DERI! How do I get started?

  1. Email Richard Cyganiak and/or Michael Hausenblas, they will create an account for you.
  2. Log in via the link in the footer.
  3. Either start a new vocabulary (Create content » Vocabulary) or import an existing one (Import vocabulary).
  4. To have mappings to other external vocabularies, you will need to add them using the External vocabularies option.
  5. You can use Create content » Vocabulary documentation to create pages with extra information that doesn't fit into the main vocabulary specification, like examples or implementation reports.

Questions? Talk to Richard Cyganiak, Michael Hausenblas or Guido Cecilio. If you find a bug or have a suggestion for an enhancement, please use the issue tracker.

How stable/reliable/secure is this service?

So-so. It's still a somewhat experimental service at this point. The software may still have bugs, so please make backup copies of your RDF and HTML after you've done extensive work on your vocabulary. We will keep the server running in the long term, so the URIs should be stable.

The main gotcha at the moment is that there is no permission system, so anyone who can log in to the service will be able to edit your vocabulary. This is why we don't give out accounts to non-DERI developers. And if you have an account and think about “fixing” your colleague's vocabulary: Remember that we have logfiles ;-)

Can I use this site for my already published vocabulary?

Yes. We support import of existing vocabularies and custom (external) namespace URIs. Try it and see if you like it!

You want to permanently move your vocabulary over to vocab.deri.ie? If your vocabulary uses a redirection service like purl.org, then you can just change the redirection to point from your current host to the new location at vocab.deri.ie, and the URIs of your classes and properties will not change. If you don't use a redirection service, then you'd have to set up an HTTP redirect from the current location to the new one at vocab.deri.ie. On Apache web servers, mod_alias is your friend.

Powered by Neologism

This site is powered by Neologism, a simple web-based RDF Schema vocabulary editor and publishing system. Its main goal is to dramatically reduce the time required to create, publish and modify vocabularies for the Semantic Web. It is open source and you can set up your own Neologism instance on any typical PHP/MySQL-enabled web server.

Work on Neologism has been funded by the iMP project, Science Foundation Ireland, and Fundación CTIC.