LSDI Documentation

lsdi:GeoObservation : subclass from ssn:Observation. it covers any observation related t any geospatial theme like weather.
lsdi:GeoFeature: the interesting feature for us to be measured like wind for example.
lsd:GeoSensor: the sensor that measure the geo feature
lsdi:GeoStation: each sensor exists in a geo station
lsdi:GeoFeatureObservationOutput: each geo observation has result (output). this output is for a specific geo feature that the current observation is measuring
lsdi:GeoFeatureObsValue: it contains the value (amount and unit) of the observation output
lsdi:GeoLocation: each observation has a location, represented as a point
lsdi:GeoTimeEntity: each observation happens in a specific time. geo time entity represent the time of the observation